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Invest, Infuse, Inspire, the Arts

The Kent County Arts Council provides competitive grants for artists, organizations, and community groups to support operations, projects, and arts programs across Kent County.

The KCAC provides professional and organizational development opportunities for the artist and organizations we serve across the County. The Council works to strengthen and support the staff, boards, and volunteers of these member organizations, as well as to provide basic business acumen for artists seeking to go out on their own.

We are creating a new artist residency program in our headquarters building in Chestertown. The program will welcome applications from established artists from all disciplines seeking to expand their scope of work as it relates to social and civic dialogue. In the broadest use of the word, these “citizen” artists will engage residents, artists, and visitors alike in art driven conversations about some of the challenging issues of our time.




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Become a member of the Kent County Arts Council!

Your contribution will help support activities like these:

Chester Gras
Chester River Chorale
Chester River Youth Choir
Chestertown Spy
Eastern Shore Wind Ensemble
Emmanuel Concert Series
Garfield Center for the Arts
Kent Massive Rock Festival
National Music Festival
Chestertown RiverArts
Rock Hall Fall Fest
Sultana Down Rigging Festival
Chester Valley Ministers Association
Festival of Trees
Juneteenth Celebration
Kent County Community Marching Band
Legacy Day
Music in the Park
Tea Party Festival
Arts in Education Grants, Kent County Public Schools
The Mainstay Rock Hall
Poetry Circuit
Chestertown Jazz Festival
Kenny Award Celebration
Lift Up Our Voices in Song for MLK Day
11th Annual Poetry Festival at the Bookplate
Memorial to Vincent Hynson Youth Award
Public Art Initiatives
Native American Gathering
Mt. Olive Play of Thurgood Marshall
Community Table First UMC
K.C. High School Little Mermaid
Empty Bowls 2017
Sumner Hall Museums on Main Street

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